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Challenge #1 Results Empty Challenge #1 Results

Post  machine146 on Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:05 pm

The 3 winners are
Eric who got 20 out of 20 right
Spooky 19/20
and Briguy 19/20

You three won a reward. 1 Extra vote this elimination. Which means they can vote twice.

The four people up for elimination are
Choco 6\20
Abcrow 11\20
and Gizmo 12\20

Ok here is how the voting will go. The people up for elimintion are not allowed to vote. I will post Tirbal Council shortly

1. Who are the current president and prime minister of Russia?
pres- Dmitry Medvedev
pm- Vladimir Putin
2. How many sq miles is Russia? 6,592,800
3. Anywhere between 140 million and 150 million
4. What are the top 5 ethnic groups in Russia? russian, tatars,ukrainians, bashkirs, chuvashs
5. What are the top 5 languages spoken in Russia?
french turkish
Survivor Trivia
6. Who won Survivor Philippines? (Yes there was a survivor show in the Philippines)JC Tiuseco
7. Who was the first person to reveal the hidden immunity idol after the rules changed so you can only use it before the votes are revealed? alex angarita (yau-man was the first to use it successfully)
8. Which Survivor spent the most days on the island?amanda kimmel
9. Who was fined for removing coral during a reward trip? colby donaldson
10. Who won the first individual immunity challenge in survivor history? greg buis
Survivor Quotes. Who said these quotes?
11. "I may be a lot of things, but I ain't no Hershey bar."colby donaldson
12. "Dear Casey, there's a mean old man in my life that's about to leave. Could you please play something appropriate?' Well ___, here's your request: 'Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" rob cesternino
13. "I will drive over to your shitty little apartment and murder you, and then I will drive to my club and that will be that." shane powers?
14. "I do see Greg differently after seeing his video and attaching a family to him. At least we know he's not the only screwball in his family. It seems to be a genetic trait over there" sean kenniff
15. "And all of us just started chowing down the rice, 'cause we're heathens and we didn't want to share." aras baskauskas
Unscramble these movie names
16. rtiknhgadk---Dark Knight
17. taehorgdf-----godfather
18. lciuontppif----Pulp Fiction
19. raarsswt-----star wars
20. fhtlgbcui-----fight club


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